Plumbing Repair & Service

Plumbing Repair Services in Salisbury

Alan’s plumbing service offers quick and affordable plumbing for the community of Salisbury, MD. We work hard to make sure that you have your plumbing needs met promptly. Whether you have a broken garbage disposal or need your whole home repiped, we can get the job done.

Residential Services in Salisbury

  • We can usually repair your water heater or give you options for replacements. We work on tanked and tankless water heaters to make sure they are working right for your home or business.
  • Residential services in Salisbury also include repairing leaking pipes, sinks, toilets, and bathtubs.
  • If you have a clogged drain or toilet, we can come to your home and help you get things working well again.
  • We can repair your sink or garbage disposal if you have a slow drain. Garbage disposals can usually be fixed if the repair is done before it gets used again. If we can’t fix it, we can install a new one to get everything working again.

Commercial Plumbing

Commercial plumbing is a bit different than residential because most of the plumbing is used more, and there is more plumbing in the building. Alan’s Plumbing Service is an experienced company with the ability to repair the plumbing and make sure it is working well at your Salisbury business. If you own a restaurant or other service where a plumbing issue becomes a need to close your doors, give us a call so we can work on the problem right away! We can repair pipes, toilets, sink drains, and make sure your plumbing is ready for your customers again.

Preventative Care for Commercial Buildings

  • If you have public bathrooms, a commercial kitchen, or a business that needs access to hot water instantly, have someone that works in the building’s maintenance department check these things daily. One clogged toilet can shut a building down until it is fixed. Catching plumbing issues early can keep the doors open.
  • Make sure all large food items are disposed of properly. If you have an area that employees eat in, post a sign, letting them know not to place the food down the drain. Also, if you have a restaurant, institute policies for food that needs to go in the trash, rather than down a drain.
  • Have Alan’s Plumbing Service come to inspect your plumbing on a regular basis, to make sure everything is good to avoid repair services.
  • Check water pressure regularly to make sure that your pipes are working well. If you find a water pressure problem, you may need to have a pipe repaired!

Emergency Plumbing

Alan’s plumbing service works with residential and commercial emergency plumbing needs in Salisbury. It is crucial to have someone there right away in an emergency, and our company prides itself in being there as quickly as possible. Whether you have a burst pipe or a water heater that isn’t working, it is our job to get everything working correctly again so your home or business can function well.

Plumbing Emergencies that Require Immediate Repair

  • If you have a residential plumbing problem that involves sewer backing up into your home, or a broken pipe, call us for emergency service.
  • If your commercial building has a toilet that is overflowing, this is a hazard, and you may have a bigger issue that isn’t visible.
  • Burst pipes and leaks that threaten the structure of a home or building require emergency repair services.
  • Contact us if you don’t have hot water and need it right away for your home or building to function properly.
  • Any plumbing issue that is out of control needs emergency plumbing repair services. We can be there as soon as possible to get the situation under control and do the necessary repairs.

Plumbing repair services are necessary at some point in any residential or commercial buildings. While we can’t control everything, planning on preventative maintenance ahead of time can help manage unexpected needs for repairs.