Garbage Disposal Service Experts

Garbage Disposal Repair, Install & Replace

At Alan’s Plumbing Service, we specialize in repairing garbage disposals for residents in Salisbury, MD. Your garbage disposal could have a clog or get damaged when foreign objects fall down the sink, and the disposal gets turned on. You may find a ring, spoon, straw, or even toys in your sink that may damage your disposal. If you find that you need garbage disposal repair services, we can come to fix your disposal and remove the foreign object. Garbage disposals may have issues with clogging because of certain foods! Run cold water while you use your disposal and know what foods aren’t okay for the unit.

Food Items Not Recommended for a Garbage Disposal

  • Avoid putting poultry down a garbage disposal. Poultry is fibrous and doesn’t usually get broken down enough to turn into a liquid waste.
  • Don’t put grease or oil down a garbage disposal. Grease will turn solid in your pipes and collect other particles. Eventually, this can cause clogging.
  • Potato peels and other peels aren’t broken down well.
  • Pasta and rice can cause damage or clogs.
  • Place coffee grounds in a compost or the trash.
  • Avoid putting eggshells in your garbage disposal.
  • Bones shouldn’t go into a garbage disposal as they won’t break down.

Garbage Disposal Installation

Alan’s plumbing service helps in choosing the right garbage disposal for your sink. We will make sure that the disposal you want is the right size and accommodates your household well. Once you decide on the disposal you want, we will come and install it for you. Garbage disposal installation is best done by a professional, so it is appropriately done. We must connect the new disposal to your existing plumbing and make sure that there is proper electrical access. We will make sure you don’t have to worry about leaks and water damage from your new garbage disposal.

Get Ready for Installation

  • Have your new garbage disposal ready when we get there.
  • Make sure that you don’t have to use your sink for the time that we are doing the installation.
  • Be prepared for us to turn off the electricity at the circuit breaker.
  • Feel free to ask questions about your plumbing or garbage disposal while we install it. We want our clients to have a good education about the plumbing in their homes.

Garbage Disposal Replacement

Many times, the garbage disposal is misused and needs to be replaced. The standard disposal is supposed to be used for excess food on plates rather than grinding up a bulk of food scraps. As disposals are heavily used, they require repairs and replacements often. Alan’s Plumbing Service is available to come to your home and check your garbage disposal to decide if you need repair or garbage disposal replacement services.

Rules for Maintaining Your Garbage Disposal

  • Scraps of food are the only thing that should go down your garbage disposal.
  • Run cold water before you start your disposal and keep running it for 10 to 20 seconds after it is off.
  • Don’t put peels and tough food down the garbage disposal.
  • Avoid putting nuts down your disposal.
  • Place small scraps of food down the disposal instead of waiting to run it until it is full of food.
  • Don’t put your hands in a garbage disposal, even if it is off! Use tools such as pliers or tongs to dislodge things.
  • If you lose a ring or foreign object in your disposal and can’t get it out, call us to assist you. We may have to take things apart to find it, but we will assist you in getting it back if at all possible.
  • Call about leaks right away, so you can avoid structural damage to your home.