Drain Hydrojetting Services

Drain Hydrojetting Service in Salisbury

Clogs are something that every person must confront at some point in their lives. Whether the clogs are causing backups in your sink, toilet, or shower, they’re never a welcome sight. When confronted with such an incident, it’s natural to feel some amount of panic, as clogs can lead to water damage and can very quickly become health hazards, driving people to attempt to clear the blockage as quickly as possible.

Getting Rid of Clogs: The Basics

The Internet is filled with all sorts of DIY recipes to do so, often involving combinations of substances like vinegar, baking soda, lemon juice, hot water, salt, and more. While these can certainly do the trick for smaller blockages, they are not as effective for dense clogs that have formed over long periods of time.

Chemical cleaners are another common choice. However, the issue with these is that the same corrosive properties that allow these products to break through the gunk in your pipes cause damage to the pipes themselves. They can, in turn, lead to cracks and leaks, which will eventually require expensive repairs to fix.

One of the simplest methods of addressing a clog is with the use of a plunger. In fact, many homeowners keep one in the bathroom for such situations. Plungers work by using pressure to clear the clogs. When properly fitted to the drain, operating the plunger generates a good deal of force in the pipes, using the water itself as a tool to break through the blockage. While this option is also somewhat limited in regard to its effectiveness with serious clogs, there is one more method that uses very similar concepts on a larger scale. This method is called hydro jetting.

How Does Hydro Jetting Work?

Instead of relying on the natural pressure generated via the suction of a plunger, hydro jetting involves using a special water tank that creates a high-pressure environment. When the appropriate amount of pressure is reached, the water is then shot through the pipes via a hose. The high-pressure water is able to then effectively tear through any blockages in your pipes. Because there are many different styles of plumbing systems, hydro-jetting equipment is also available in a variety of sizes, from smaller ones intended solely for residential use to large industrial models. Regardless of size, the principle of the method is still the same, as is its effectiveness.

Hydro jetting is an extremely clean method because it only involves the use of water, meaning that there is no residue from chemicals or natural substances left behind in your pipes. Instead, both the clog and any layers of built-up grime along the walls of the pipes are all forcefully washed away.

Is Hydro Jetting Safe?

This should only be done by a professional because the force of the water is so strong, it can actually damage your pipes if the process is done incorrectly. In fact, hydro jetting is so powerful that it can actually be used to clear through tree roots that have penetrated the pipes. The force of the water clears away any tree material, allowing plumbers to go in and take care of the appropriate repairs free from obstruction. If used incorrectly, it could leave serious cracks in your pipes. This is why every good plumber starts with a thorough inspection of your plumbing to ensure they are solid enough to withstand the increased pressure.

As long as you work with a professional, hydro jetting can be an extremely attractive option, as it is effective, simple, and environmentally friendly. At Alan’s Plumbing Service, our team has implemented this method over the course of several years, ensuring that clients can stop worrying about clogs and go back to their regular lives as quickly as possible. To move forward with scheduling a visit from one of our plumbers, simply contact Alan’s Plumbing Service for further assistance.