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Shallow Well Pump Install and Repair

Having water come out of the faucet when we turn it on is just something we expect right? For those that have city water this usually is never an issue. However, on the eastern shore there are many homes that receive their water from a well. Something of these are deep wells where the pump is located down inside the well pushing water out towards the home. Others are shallow wells where the pump is located usually in the crawlspace of the home, where it pulls the water out of the well to the home. These shallow well systems are notorious for causing issues with the water supply. There are several key components that always must be working properly for this system to work well. One of the main issues is plumbers installing low quality pumps and fittings to give a cheaper quote, only to have issues just a few years down the road. If your pump system has galvanized fittings instead of brass or stainless steel, it will start to rust in just a year or so. If you have a shallow well system and would like to know its condition, or you need a repair or replacement, feel free to call me to set up an appointment.

Shallow Well Pump